Floyd Rose Cromado marca Gotoh

Clave: FR501

Precio: $ 3,460.00 MXN*
* Pesos Mexicanos

Es Gotoh es calidad  superior !

Floyd Rose fabricado por Gotoh bajo licencia.  Modelo GE1996T. Las monturas están elaboradas en acero con un radio de 350mm. La distancia entre cuerdas es de 10.8mm.  El bloque es de 36 mm de altura.   El acabado es magnífico, finamente pulido sea en color Cromado, Negro o Dorado.. El set es completo e incluye todo lo necesario para su instalación.

OPINIÖN en Amazon: This is the best upgrade I have ever done. This guitar now sounds and plays like a dream. There is no loss in the lows and the intonation is spot on with no adjustment. I love the rounded saddles, very comfortable. The arm uses a set screw for tightness. there is absolutely no play whatsoever. Also the normal size block sounds as good or better than a big block upgrade without the restricted movement or cost.

  • Mehdi F.
  • 5.0 de 5 estrellas It's Worth every Penny!
  • Calificado en Estados Unidos el 23 de julio de 2020
  • I was very Skeptical about going with a copy rather than the original Floyd but my friend who custom built my Strat insisted that I should get the Gotoh instead. I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and have Floyds on two of my main guitars but I must say that the Gotoh knock off is actually an improvement to the Floyd and Here's why.
  • 1. Gotoh stays in tune
  • 2. The Fine tuners have a longer range of motion giving you plenty of room to adjust tinning without unlocking the Locking Nut.
  • 3. The Bar does not feel Loose after use. You can easily remove it when you put your guitar in the Case.
  • 4. If you love that Fluttering effect, this one does it well.
  • Cons.
  • If you already have a Floyd and want to switch, it's not easy and will require routing and other modifications.
  • Conclusion: I'm not a 100% sure if you can add a EVH drop D tuna but as you can see, the Pros outweigh the cons specially when it comes to Tuning, and Staying in Tune which is the most important thing to rely on when performing Live or Recording.

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